View all CX by Design webinars and videos from past events. These are extensions of the Human-Centered Ideas and Insights we write about.

Team of One: Contracting, Consulting, and Freelancing – Webinar

How to Create Human-centered Solutions – Webinar

Sketchnote reflecting details from the presentation

Forget the Trail of Breadcrumbs – Webinar

orange digital wallpaper

Designing Complex Website Navigation

Illustrating a roadmap on an iPad pro with apple pencil

Service Design & Kano Models

Honest Collaboration: Collaborating When Things Get Real

Mountain cover with snow

Leave a Trail of Breadcrumbs: Designing Navigation with Customer Intentions

Young professionnal working from home using a touchscreen laptop with his stylus with a bright sunny light and plants in the background.

Optimizing Websites for Today’s Customer

Yellow color pencil isolated on blue paper background

CX Week – Lis Hubert & Diana Sonis

cup of coffee with two cookies on a maple leaf shaped cutting board against a brown background

Post Session Q & A – Designing Complex Website Navigation

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