We help you create lasting connections between you and your customers.

Human-centered experiences are in our DNA.

So is delivering uncompromising results.

CX by Design is a Human-Centered Design (HCD) company that inspires and empowers you to create people-centric products, services, and internal systems that your customers and employees will love; igniting real results for your business.

We believe meaningful connections between people and businesses enrich communities and strengthen the fabric of life.

Our mission is to make HCD approachable, realistic, and applicable to all. You don’t have to be a designer; just a curious and courageous business willing to connect with your customers & employees.

Founding Partners

CX by Design Co-Founder Lis Hubert

Lis Hubert

Lis is an acclaimed design and strategy thought leader, writer, and speaker with extensive expertise in Digital Strategy, Customer Experience, Information Architecture, and Design Thinking.

As founding partner of CX by Design, she has made it her mission to help companies meet their strategic goals. She does so by making the invisible visible through research, making the complex simple through her unique perspective, and bringing understanding and meaning through expert facilitation.

With over a decade of designing successful products and strategies for clients of all sizes, her passion lies in helping her partners think holistically about driving, and enacting, real change. Lis helps businesses not only increase their bottom line, but also their longevity through customer loyalty.

When not tackling complex strategic problems, you can find Lis traveling the world enjoying the human experience to the fullest.

CX by Design Co-Founder Diana Sonis

Diana Sonis

Diana is a passionate believer in holistic, 360 strategy and design, with extensive expertise in UX Design, CX Design, Service Design, and the Design Thinking methodology.

As founding partner of CX by Design, Diana’s mission is to identify nuggets of opportunity within an organization, reorient its existing systems and structures to improve the human experience, help others extend their thinking, and drive material business advantage.

Having designed, built, and successfully sold several companies, Diana works to help businesses shape abstract concepts into concrete online and offline experiences that respond to the needs and motivations of real people.

When she’s not solving strategic challenges, Diana can be found in pursuit of good coffee everywhere.

Extended Team

After gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, we put together a highly skilled team from our expert group of partners across many disciplines.

CX by design UX partner
Gita Woosley

Gita is a human-centered experience design and information architecture expert. She has worked with State Farm, Merck, Heineken, Johnson & Johnson, and USAA.

Jess Afshar

Jess is a human-centered experience design and information architecture expert. She has worked with USAA, USPS, Verizon, myEDmatch, Delta, and Dell.

Lana Nguyen

Lana is a customer experience marketing & sales expert. She has worked with CoreLogic, NBC, UCLA Health, and Intuit.

Jenia Espe

Jenia is an expert customer experience strategist, Design Thinking trainer, and the Founder of Red Squared Consulting. She has worked with USAA, City of San Antonio, AAA, and Cadence Bank.

Tara Schwegler, PhD.

Tara is an expert customer experience research, and the Founder of Red Squared Consulting. She has worked with USAA, City of San Antonio, AAA, and Cadence Bank.

Matthew Cross

Matthew is an organization & leadership strategy expert, and the CEO of Leadership Alliance. He has worked with Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Stanford Foundation, and The Home Depot.

Donna Lichaw, MFA, CPC, ACC

Donna is an organization & leadership coaching expert. She has worked with Google, Apple, Logitech, Bloomberg, and BMW.

Helen Bui

Helen is an organizational innovation & growth expert. She has worked with NewsCorp, WSJ, ChartBeat, and Skylet.

Zack Walker

Zack is a data visualization & analysis expert. He has worked with AirBnB and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

Zbigniew Sobiecki

Zbigniew is a technical lead with extensive software & product development expertise. He has worked with Haver Analytics, Macoscope, and TrySteve.

Kate Grenadier, CPC, CCC, CBC

Kate is a people ops and organizational expert, with extensive project management experience. She has worked with Nike, Adobe, and The North Face.


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United Virtualities
Software Engineering

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