Customer Experience for Marketing Teams

Exceed your customer’s experience like your business depends on it.

The Power of the Customer Journey

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How Customer Experience for Marketing Teams Works

Figure out what your customers need. Make sense of the data you already have. Test new marketing ideas on real people. Iterate your way to more customers. Great customer experience is what differentiates you from the pack.

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Maybe you know what the problems are, or maybe it’s still unclear. Either way, you need to look at all the related aspects of your business to determine where your customer experience is today. Define where you want your customer experience to be to meet your numbers. Every journey has a start, and every successful journey includes a compass.

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What do your customers value, want, and need from your brand, product, or service? Do your employees have all they need to provide a great customer experience? Gather the insights needed to uncover the issues standing in the way of your customer experience marketing goals.

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You’re a marketing team; you have plenty of customer data. The question is, what do you do with it to create a stellar customer experience that helps you meet your marketing goals? You make sense of it by exploring patterns, gaps, and opportunities. We show you how.

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You have ideas for solutions. How do you create them cheaply and quickly in real life to test with your customers? You work with customer-centric, agile experts, that’s how.

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How do you test your solutions to determine their ROI? You set up and run real-world customer validation sessions that deliver immediate insights into what your customer needs and values.


But, wait! You’re not done. Providing a great customer experience is a continuous process of observation, assessment, and creation. Build it into the fabric of your team.

Important PSA

All sessions are remote via video conferencing and are held at an agreed upon time. Individuals and small groups work best, but we can also work with larger groups.

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Benefits of Customer Experience for Marketing Teams

Be Prepared

A customer-centric operational roadmap for marketing teams allows you to focus on people and relationships quickly and proactively at ALL times.

Know Customer & Employee Needs

Your brand exists because of your customers and employees. Knowing their needs and values allows you to be agile, proactive, and innovative in covering the gaps of your marketing ecosystem.

Reduce Wasteful Spend

Why hire a full-time team, when you can get remote customer experience expertise anytime? Fiscal austerity, combined with genuine creative and strategic partnership during unprecedented times, is the path forward.

Lead the Way

You are a marketing thought leader who knows that proactive customer-experience at every touchpoint increases brand awareness & engagement. Lead the way with customer-centric thought leadership.

Where’s Your CX Today?

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    What Marketing and Client Managers Say About Us

    Diana and Lis have provided valuable insights, have conducted engaging, thought-provoking sessions, and have generously shared their extensive knowledge to equip our team with the skills and tools to effectively design our engagement with customers.

    Rich Warner – Director of Marketing, Veterans First Mortgage

    CX by Design possesses phenomenal facilitators with enthusiasm for designing products and services around existing human needs. They’re holistic thinkers who will help you search for opportunities to innovate – whether it be internal processes or external products/services – within your company.

    Elodie Camaret – US Consumer Innovation Director – R&D, Essilor USA

    A keen sense of the customer experience. Each engagement approach is a strategic, insightful blend of science and art.

    Holly Hill – VP Client Partner, Investis

    Steering product design & implementation by elegantly aligning business strategy with customer needs.

    Ryan Summe – Founder & CEO, Waypoint App

    Our Clients Are Fearless, Innovative, and Passionate About Making a Difference.

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    Who is a typical client?

    CX by Design typically works with small to medium-sized businesses without dedicated HCD, UX, or CX teams. These businesses, through their products and services, are committed to showing customers and employees how much they matter.

    We seek out clients who want to connect with their customers’ and employees’ needs firsthand, who can execute programmatic or organizational change, and who want to learn more about Human-Centered Design, their organizations, and the people they serve.

    If the above doesn’t describe you, but you believe we can help you, let’s chat.

    This all sounds good, but I’m unsure if it applies to my business, industry, and life.

    Human-Centered Design is an industry, business, and problem-agnostic process. It doesn’t care where you come from because it centers on people.

    Every industry, business, or problem involves people. Even if you’re small, there are still people.

    We’re always happy to assess how HCD can apply to your challenge, let’s chat.

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