How to Create Human-centered Solutions – Webinar

Productboard - January 2023

During this webinar on how to create human-centered solutions, we share how human-centered design is an adaptable, scalable approach to problem-solving. It’s a framework that can optimize many business areas while using empathy and keeping the focus on humans – that is, the customers, employees, and users involved in the process.

The process CX by Design we use to implement human-centered solutions is:

  1. Look (investigate)
  2. Ask
  3. Learn
  4. Create solutions
  5. Test/Iterate.

If you’ve been trying to solve a complex or recurring business challenge, using human-centered design can uncover a surprising path to success.

After the presentation, we hold an extended conversation on how to make this vision a reality.

Recorded for Productboard on January 26, 2023

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