We like to start off by asking lots of questions. Here are some you may have!

My organization is new to Human-Centered Design. What is it?

At CX by Design, we use a customized version of what we’ve found to be the most effective problem-solving method, Human-Centered Design (HCD), as the foundation of our work.

Here are the basics, if you want to learn more.

How will you help me create “meaningful customer connections?”

We work with you to apply our customized version of HCD to orient your business mission, operations, shared internal language, and products/services in service of the customer.

This process is what creating “meaningful customer connections” is all about.

What do you mean by “data-driven?”

At CX by Design, we believe, using data to make decisions can greatly improve business outcomes. That’s why all the recommendations we make are backed by some form of research insights.

We often use a combination of quantitative data (from A/B testing, surveys, analytics), and qualitative data (from competitive analysis, customer/stakeholder interviews, observational studies) to assess customer/user needs, business needs, and product/service gaps.

At the outset of every engagement, we take the time to assess what data you already have and recommend any supplemental data gathering you may need.

Who is a typical client?

CX by Design typically works with small to medium-sized businesses with limited CX or UX resources.

These businesses understand that a well-crafted customer experience and technology-specific user experience are their differentiating factors.

Typically, we specialize in working with Consumer Goods & Services, Financial Services, Information Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Retail & E-Commerce teams. However, our tools/processes are industry agnostic.

If the above doesn’t describe you, but you believe we can help you, let’s chat.

What kinds of projects do you do?

At CX by Design, we use a people-centric, data-driven, and iterative approach to help you design the products, services, and systems you need to exceed external and internal customer expectations. This work can take many forms; each situation is unique.

That said, sometimes we are brought in to map out the overall customer experience to identify any gaps and subsequent opportunities. This helps companies focus and set strategic direction for the future of their customer experience.

Other times, we work with businesses to bring complex legacy technology, business needs, and customer/user needs together in a holistic way.

We also work with management to promote and apply the HCD method throughout the business. Or, we’re engaged as expert trainers to coach an internal team through the entire HCD process.

If the above doesn’t describe your challenge, but you believe we can help you, let’s chat.

Who would work on my project?

The first answer is you! Our work is collaborative, and we can’t be successful without your expertise. Read more about working with us.

Within CX by Design, after gaining a deep understanding of your needs, we put together a highly skilled team from our expert group of partners. These could include: a development team, visual designers, content strategists, experienced facilitators, and – of course – Lis and Diana are on every project.

How long are your projects, how much does one cost, and how do you get started?

It depends! The best way for us to scope a project is to work backward using your goals and resources as guides.

We generally start with two calls. The first is introductory for you to tell us your pain-points and any high-level questions. The second is for us to ask more detailed questions based on any data you send to us. We then use information and data from past similar projects to define an engagement and estimate time and cost.

As a general guideline, we work on longer-term engagements. CX and UX initiatives take time to develop and scale within an organization.

How are you different?

It’s not often you find people who are well versed in taking complex systems, breaking them down into manageable building blocks, only to reassemble them into a holistic customer or user experience that combines customer needs with business goals, while using the resources you have on hand

Sure, we can make your technology “pretty.” But, that’s not what makes customer or user experience great. We are business people first. We take a rigorous approach to researching customer needs, understanding business goals, and working within technology constraints to create the best customer experience possible within your ecosystem.

Here’s how else we’re different.

This all sounds good, but I’m unsure if it applies to my business or industry.

While we take the time to delve into your industry to have a shared language understanding, the CX by Design, HCD-based method is an industry, business, and problem-agnostic process. This is because it centers on people, and every industry, business, or problem involves people.

We’re always happy to discuss how our process can apply to your specific industry, business, and/or challenge. Set up a 30-minute introductory call today.

Where can I go to learn more?

We often talk about our process and work on the CX by Design Ideas blog.

You can follow along by subscribing to our newsletter, or by becoming friends with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

And, the best way to learn more is directly from us. Let’s chat.

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At CX by Design, we’re uncompromising Human-Centered Design experts with a wicked coffee habit. We offer multiple options to get your business thinking about and solving problems differently.

If you’re wondering whether HCD is right for you, but you’re not sure. Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Want to learn more about HCD? We recommend reading what the heck is HCD as a terrific first step.

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