Fostering Brand Loyalty by Reimagining the In-Store Experience

Creating a better in-store consumer experience that stands out

First up, we were asked to revamp the client’s retail and wholesale packaging experience. They wanted to eliminate friction in the customer’s in-store experience while also refining the brand language (via signage, clothing tags, and other in-store items) to align with consumer loyalty goals.


Live in-store testing/field research, Consumer persona and scenario creation

Reimagining an in-store experience that curates brand loyalty

Our client was on a quest to decrease friction and increase consumer delight at in-store displays, all while creating a stronger consumer shopping experience.

This was no small feat given two factors. The first was many of the displays were in third-party wholesaler stores, taking away a semblance of control. The second was the density of competition in their space.

To help address these challenges we had to:

  •  Analyze the consumer’s in-store experience
  • Identify and prioritize areas for improvement
  • Create a detailed requirement document for handoff to designers and developers

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A shared, immediate, and scalable consumer service roadmap.

First, we met with our client’s Business Execution/Operations, Brand Strategy & Creative Direction, and Marketing Operations teams so that we could deeply understand their current packaging and their updated goals. We also discussed what their competitors were doing, what our client needed to accomplish with this project, and what their internal teams had already done. With clear expectations in place, we were ready to move forward.

Next, we used in-person field testing to clarify the signage, layout, clothing tags, and the checkout/bagging experience (including what materials were used (tissue paper, the receipt, etc.)) and determine what information those materials included.

We also looked at the Wholesale unboxing experience, even heading to the back of the store and examining the large-order packaging that shipped stock.

After some further research, we developed consumer personas and multiple scenarios. Then we led a series of improvement discovery and prioritization sessions with the client’s store leaders and team leaders who worked with large, multi-brand retailers. This allowed our client to clearly define what improvements needed to be made at once and what actions should be included in future plans.


Align Expectations


Conduct Field Research


Prioritize Improvements

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Consumer-friendly package design tailored for brand loyalty

We prepared a detailed requirements document that the packaging design agency used to create the desired packaging. We also provided additional support to ensure that the agency’s results would fit our client’s needs. This enabled smoother collaboration between the agency and our client. Ultimately, it helped the client create a better experience for their in-store consumers.

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