A Roadmap for Omnichannel Transformation Using Near Term Strategy

2021 – 2022

Services Provided
  • Project planning and facilitation
  • Requirements definition and analysis
  • Consumer experience analysis and gap definition
  • Near Term Strategy: improvement discovery, gap analysis, improvement prioritization, and roadmap creation
  • Follow-up support

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What if process improvement means revamping the work of multiple departments?

For our client, improving their business processes meant starting from the ground up – in this case, from the consumer’s in-store and online experience and working all the way through to how the warranty and repair teams fulfilled orders. 

This was a large and complex project, requiring the coordination of multiple client teams and third-party partners at Envoy, Zendesk, and several other firms. But it was more than that: it was an effort to combine a human-centric approach with time- and cost-saving technological tools. 

This partnership spanned over a year and included six separate phases. At its end, our client accomplished more than impactful changes to their direct-to-consumer and wholesaler websites and in-store packaging. They’d also set themselves up for future growth.

About the Client

Our client is an American manufacturer and retailer of high-end hunting and outdoor apparel and gear. In addition to their consumer website, they also operate a wholesale web portal for retail buyers. Furthermore, they are sold in numerous multi-brand retailers throughout North America as well as in their own stores.

In addition to making high-quality gear, our client also prides themselves on providing an excellent customer experience. This includes post-purchase support via warranties and repairs.

Client Goals

The big-picture goals for this collaboration included enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, minimizing costs for customer-facing departments, and eliminating frustrating behind-the-scenes bottlenecks.

In practice, this meant analyzing and improving the user experience for the client’s websites as well as in its in-store displays and packaging. It also meant doing in-depth studies of the current workflows in several departments and identifying what could be improved. 

During this project, we leaned into developing Near Term Strategy. This is a process that combines improvement discovery and prioritization, gap analysis, and roadmap creation to help organizations find and meet high-impact short-range goals. Longer-term goals are also identified and charted for future action.

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Design Collaboration
Organizational Design

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Our Impact

We started and ended by focusing on people: the customers and the employees involved in each transaction. Putting people at the heart of organizational transformation helped us understand how to bridge the gap between planning and execution.

Thanks to this focus, we helped the client effectively streamline operations, reduce unnecessary costs and delays, improve processes, and create the right online and offline customer experience.

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CX by Design offers organizations a lot of value around defining that strategy or that customer experience and understanding how to execute against that. It’s critical to any organization’s success. We absolutely love and appreciate you guys!

~ Cilent’s Business Execution Lead

Detailed Case Studies

With over a year of partnership, there was a lot we were able to achieve. We detail our work in the following case studies. Click into any one of them to learn more about the specific effort.

Conclusion: Improved CX and a Clear Forward Path

It was a privilege and a joy to help this company revamp its consumer experience; going from in-store signage all the way to online returns meant we could help shape the entire journey. 

Plus, finding ways to reduce unnecessary costs, streamline employees’ workflows, and modernize some of the client’s internal operations was an amazing experience. 

With their new human-centered Near Term Strategy complete, our client is better able to combine digital and traditional channels. This allows them to support their consumers, wholesale customers, and employees in meaningful ways. They also have detailed roadmaps and a clear direction for future growth. We wish this client all the best and hope to work with them again soon.

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