Enhancing the Online Experience with a Simpler Post-Purchase Path

Defining a post-purchase Near Term Strategy to optimize the consumer’s experience

The next part of our collaboration focused on the online consumer’s post-purchase experience. The client’s goal was to create more compelling digital experiences that would ultimately make the consumer’s online journey easier and more enjoyable


Near Term Strategy: Improvement Discovery, Gap Analysis, Improvement Prioritization, & Roadmap Creation

CX By Design Women Shopping Online
Improve the existing flows for:
  • Abandoned online shopping carts
  • Purchase completion 
  • Post-purchase follow-up
  • Item repairs and returns
  • Warranty actions

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Your work has really solidified what the experience is, where we want to be, and how we’re going to get there. Oftentimes we struggle to get that information or that documentation or that work from other partners, but not with you.

~ Client’s Business Executive Lead


A shared, immediate, and scalable consumer experience roadmap

This phase started with listening to Business Operations and Sales Operations leads talk about the processes and requirements in the direct-to-consumer website experience.

Using this information and our own research, we developed a consumer persona and several post-purchase scenarios. We then began the Near Term Strategy, focusing on immediate improvements that would enhance the consumer’s experience and the Operations teams’ workflows. This included a gap analysis and a roadmap to guide our client through making the changes. We also created a detailed requirements document and helped team leaders decide which tools would best support this initiative.


Define Needs


Develop Scenarios


Optimize Experiences

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A consumer post-purchasing pathway that matches brand ideals

The new purchasing, repair, and warranty flow incorporated the client’s vision for customer experience and engagement. It also positively impacted how consumer-facing teams fulfilled consumer requests and managed their daily workflow.

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