Prepping for Future Success with Follow-Up Support

Closing the transition gap by providing consistent, reliable support services

As anyone who’s been involved in business process optimization and digital transformation knows, projects rarely end with a simple handoff to the client; follow-up support is often part of the package. And this is what our final project with this client entailed.


Implementation support, Improvement Prioritization, Strategic Oversight


Partner with site developers, teams leads, and team members to:
  • Provide support during the transitional period
  • Assist in implementing Customer Experience and Employee Experience upgrades

Sound familiar?

You’ve been a thought leader, but you also helped us be able to execute those thoughts. You have provided a tremendous amount of value to our company.

~ Client’s Business Executive Lead


Coordinated teams to ensure a smooth transition, then laid the foundation for continued experience improvements

During this final stage, we worked with our client’s digital journey teams, including site developers and the team leaders from our earlier projects. The handoff from the feature design team to the development team can be complicated; we worked directly with those teams to ensure the correct development of features on the consumer and wholesale websites. This meant coordinating with third-party providers as well as with multiple client teams.

We also helped the client to lay the foundation for additional improvements (as highlighted in our Near Term Strategy and now-next-later framework). Now that the basic customer and employee process improvements are in place, the client can begin implementing changes that will help them outpace their competition.


Align People


Smooth Implementation


Oversee Change

Sound familiar? We can help.


Improved CX and a Clear Forward Path

It was a privilege and a joy to help this company revamp its consumer experience; going from in-store signage all the way to online returns meant we could help shape the entire journey.

Plus, finding ways to reduce unnecessary costs, streamline employees’ workflows, and modernize some of the client’s internal operations was an amazing experience.

With their new human-centered Near Term Strategy complete, our client is better able to combine digital and traditional channels. This allows them to support their consumers, wholesale customers, and employees in meaningful ways. They also have detailed roadmaps and a clear direction for future growth. We wish this client all the best and hope to work with them again soon.

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