Forget the Trail of Breadcrumbs – Interact Global 2021

Forget the Trail of Breadcrumbs – Interact Global 2021

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Upcoming FREE event: Interact Global, October 2021

We’re passionate about helping businesses design products and systems that exceed customer expectations.

An often overlooked aspect of products and systems that contributes a great deal to customer satisfaction is navigation. To us, navigation supports customers to intuitively find their way around a product or system to meet their goals.

You’ve heard us talk about this a ton in past posts and webinars.

We used the phrase “leave a trail of breadcrumbs” when discussing this topic. We chose this expression because it points out the customer’s need to feel safe, empowered, and autonomous while navigating any product or system.

But, after sharing these initial ideas about Customer Intentions, we’ve had enough of the breadcrumbs. In fact, in our upcoming presentation “Forget the Trail of Breadcrumbs” at October’s Interact Global virtual conference, we’re telling attendees to forget them altogether.

We shared the idea for “Forget the Trail of Breadcrumbs” with the exceptional team at Interact Global. In doing so, we realized their free event was the perfect place for us to take our thoughts on Customer Intentions to the next level.

We’re excited to share our evolving ideas on the Customer Intentions method with other curious and insightful folks. The session will include an extended Q&A and discussion time to field your questions and hear your feedback.

Join us on October 7th at 9:00 am ET to hear more!

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