Leave a Trail of Breadcrumbs: Designing Navigation with Customer Intentions

UX Camp Winter 2021
Navigation in complex websites and products is… well, complex. How do you help your users go from A → B → H when you’re putting an intricate product line online or managing thousands of pages within a digital ecosystem? We believe that answer lies in designing for customer intentions.

In this UX Camp session, Lis and Diana will cover why designing for customer intentions throughout your digital ecosystem empowers your team to build a bridge between what customers need and what your business provides. We’ll dive into how to design an organic flow that carries the user through your site with intuitive ease rarely found in more traditional, hierarchy-heavy IA structures.

Many teams miss these important steps in their rush to implement new designs, leaving users confused, and business stakeholders frustrated.

Recorded at UX Camp Winter 2021, January 23, 2021.

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