Reducing Costs by Optimizing Dealer Services & Wholesale Processes

Illuminating automation and cost reduction opportunities with service blueprints

In an earlier project, we labeled and prioritized gaps in our client’s Dealer Services experience, including the wholesaler return process. In this project, we worked with our client’s Dealer Services team to find ways to close these gaps.


Near Term Strategy: Improvement Discovery, Gap Analysis, Improvement Prioritization, & Roadmap Creation


Partner with Business Operations and Dealer Services teams to:
  • Help the Dealer Services team work more efficiently 
  • Reduce costs associated with the return process
  • Create a better experience for wholesale customers

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We wouldn’t be where we are today, and across the organization, had you not been involved in helping define that customer service work and the Dealer Services work.

~ Client’s Business Executive Lead

Improved back-end processes that amplify the Wholesaler experience

Our plan was based on a thorough understanding of the Dealer Services team’s workflow and current challenges. A major issue was the high costs caused by lengthy manual return handling processes. Of course, arriving at this point meant participating in several in-depth sessions with team members. 

This allowed us to isolate a few areas for immediate improvement (i.e., automating manual processes, providing timely notifications, and using metrics to track and improve efficiency). We then built a detailed service blueprint as well as a process map. This identified the touchpoints and website functionalities that would create a better customer experience.


Understand Processes


Blueprint Details


Roadmap Experiences

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Fewer bottlenecks for the client, better CX for their customers

Our client used this information to reduce time- and effort-wasting bottlenecks in their Dealer Services return processes. It made employees’ jobs easier, allowing them to spend more time on core tasks that were previously under-resourced. It also improved the client’s wholesaler website, which enhanced the customer journey.

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Reducing Costs by Optimizing Dealer Services & Wholesale Processes

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