Designing Complex Website Navigation: UX San Antonio

Designing Complex Website Navigation: UX San Antonio

Designing Complex Website Navigation: UX San Antonio 2560 1707 Lis Hubert

Upcoming FREE event: Designing Complex Website Navigation, UX San Antonio, September 2021

Our mission is to create human-centered business solutions.

One of the main techniques we use to execute this mission is our Designing for Customer Intentions method. We conceived the idea when faced with a client challenge. We needed to make complex website navigation more human.

As we faced this challenge, we stepped back and asked ourselves, What does more human navigation look like, anyway? It seems like an easy question to answer until you think about it.

But the truth is, we humans navigate all the time. We find our way through indoor spaces like homes, stores, and offices. We traverse outdoor places like cities, parks, and beaches.

Human navigation is all around us, but how we model it on our websites is where it gets interesting. No, wait, this is where it needs to get intentional (pun intended).

We’ve found Designing for Customer Intentions IS the answer for morphing complex website navigation into human-centered navigation. The team at UX San Antonio heard about finding and asked if we could share it with their community for further discussion. It was an offer we couldn’t refuse!

We are thrilled to discuss our thoughts on Designing Complex Website Navigation with even more curious, insightful folks. We are sure they will have tons of feedback and questions that will help us refine the method even further.

Join us on September 9th at 7:30 pm ET to hear more!

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