Human-Centered Training Sprints

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We create and facilitate custom trainings using Design Thinking as the foundation. Whether you’d like executive leadership coaching, or want your employees to run through a tailored Design Thinking Sprint, we’ll create a custom strategy for you.

What You Get

We bring holistic, goal oriented thinking to the forefront; training teams to redefine innovation to meet both their short and long term goals. At the end of our training you will have:

Repeatable, Time-Tested Process

A human-centric process that can be used to solve any organizational challenge.

Opportunity Cost Management

Concrete ways to identify and test opportunities before making significant time or money investments.

Training Materials to Keep

All training materials as a guide in the future.

Expert Partnership & Support

Continued support from CX by Design beyond project timeline.

Recent Client Engagements

Customer-centric Cultural Transformation Training

R&D Innovation Lab Design Thinking Sprints 

Executive Leadership & Management Training

Inter-departmental Employee Training

Our Multi-Faceted Approach

We guide your team in using human-centered methods to come up with innovative solutions to any challenge before your company spends money implementing ideas no one wants.

Typical Engagement

Our trainings vary depending on the level of engagement a client team wants. Regardless of engagement length, we partner with our clients to make the human-centered perspective and methods actionable, repeatable, and practical within your organization.

I. Focus & Observe

We guide you and your team in defining long-term goals while investigating current challenges.

Then, we provide you with methods and tools to understand your customers goals and needs.

II. Uncover Opportunities

We teach you and your team to identify pain-points through a deep-dive analysis of customer behaviors, goals, and motivations.

Together, we lay the foundation for successful, human-centered strategy and solutions.

III. Generate Solutions & Test Ideas

We facilitate structured, fun, and collaborative ideation sessions your cross-functional team; leading to potential solutions.

You then learn how to rapidly prototype chosen solutions for immediate feedback with real customers, and analyze insights to plan for next steps.

Human-Centered Organizational Transformation

We put together a team of best-in-class professionals who work to reorient existing systems and structures based on your unique business needs.

One-on-One Advice Sessions

We help you get unstuck and make progress on your journey of turning your business into a holistic, human-centered organization.

Want to work with us?

CX by Design offers multiple options for customer experience focused organizational transformation, leadership and team innovation training, and one-on-one solutions; all tailored to meet your specific needs.

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