Designing for Customer Intentions: Part 1

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Published on UX Booth. Octobert 27, 2020.

As UX Designers we’re fond of taking the “human-centered” approach, which involves bringing in the human perspective to all steps of the problem-solving process.

Whether we are talking to customers or co-creating solutions with users, this frame of mind allows us to bring forth products and services that serve human needs and goals.

The thing is, the understanding two humans can reach in a matter of minutes is tough to replicate in digital products. No matter what any AI expert says, no commercial technology that exists today can substitute having a conversation with another human. And, no matter how human-centered we get, we’re still designing for bits and pixels. Digital products are still digital.

However, as UX Designers, we aim to design these digital places to meet human needs, goals, and motivations. The question we often ask ourselves is, can we make the digital worlds we design more human spaces?

The answer we’ve come up with is that we need to design experiences where the digital spaces shape shift to approximate an in-person conversation to the best of their abilities (and without a chatbot) given the limitations of the medium.

So the question is: how close can we get the websites, products, and services we design to have more of an “organic conversation” with the user?

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