10 Questions with Lis Hubert

10 Questions with Lis Hubert

10 Questions with Lis Hubert 2560 1707 Diana Sonis

1. What’s your role in CX by Design?

I am one of the founding partners. Along with Diana, I’m responsible for the business operations. But more importantly (and more fun!), I get to mentor our interns and work directly with our clients to help them meet their business goals

2. What do you love about working in CX?

I’ve been in the tech field for a long time. In this industry, you can sometimes risk getting lost in the potential of all the innovations. I love CX because it applies to business and technology; it lets us bring people back to the forefront of business. I like the phrase “making businesses more human again” for this reason. 

3. What drew you to the CX field?

The intersection of business, customers, and technology allowed me to exercise my creativity and make a business impact. More importantly, we can use CX to help people live better lives. The fact that so many people benefit from the value we help our clients create is a big draw for me. 

4. What was your background before getting into CX?

I have a business degree with a major in information systems. I started my career as a computer programmer but quickly realized it wasn’t where I should stay. I was an OK programmer, but not a great one. 

I soon found Information Architecture (or rather, it found me). Before I knew it, I was devoted to helping tech work for humanity. After over a decade of working as a UX consultant, I expanded my perspective to include the entire customer journey. Enter CX. 

My programmer and business backgrounds were incredibly helpful in my UX/CX journey because they let me understand how money moves in organizations and how technology functions as a practice and an organization. This all affects the customer experience, and having this knowledge helps me better serve our business partners. 

5. What do you wish you could tell people about CX?

CX is not just an idealistic way of working or thinking. It’s not just limited to one department – anyone and everyone in an organization can “do CX” or “think CX.” The more we use CX principles when doing business or creating technologies, the more we’ll all benefit. 

6. What’s your pet peeve?

Oh, this is a good question! One pet peeve I have is when people don’t consider how their actions or decisions affect others – in big or small ways. I wish everyone would be just a little more considerate. 

7. What helps you stay grounded when things get crazy?

Being physically active lets me burn off crazy energy. I like yoga, running, and sports, which help me stay grounded.

8. Outside of work, what do you love to do?

I love to travel, experience the arts (live music, theater, exhibitions, etc.), and spend time connecting with other humans. 

9. Any books, webinars, TV shows, or movies you’re into right now?

I’ve just found the sitcom Community and am really into it. It’s a great post-work watch – easy but with some snarky profundity. 

10. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I would update our human DNA to be designed for connection, thinking about others, seeing the benefit of the whole versus the individual, and putting aside individual competition for the greater good.

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