We like to start off by asking lots of questions. Here are some you may have!

My organization is new to Human-Centered Design. What does it all mean?

Human-Centered Design (HCD) is a creative approach to problem-solving and is the foundation of our work at CX by Design.

HCD is about building empathy with your customers and employees, generating ideas around how you can make their lives better, building prototypes, sharing your solutions with those you’re trying to help, and putting your innovative new solutions out in the world.

Here are the basics, if you want to learn more.

Who is a typical client?

CX by Design typically works with small to medium-sized businesses without dedicated HCD, UX, or CX teams. These businesses, through their products and services, are committed to showing customers and employees how much they matter.

We seek out clients who want to connect with their customers’ and employees’ needs firsthand, who can execute programmatic or organizational change, and who want to learn more about Human-Centered Design, their organizations, and the people they serve.

If the above doesn’t describe you, but you believe we can help you, let’s chat.

What kinds of projects do you do?

We work on the tough challenges of instilling HCD values within an organization. This work can take many forms; each client’s situation is unique.

We may work with management to promote and apply the HCD method throughout the business. Ultimately, the goal is to build an internal HCD team to advocate for the future.

Or we may be engaged as expert trainers to coach an internal team through the entire HCD process, or to facilitate modular sessions, and to solidify concepts.

Finally, some businesses are already applying the HCD process but need expert guidance along their HCD journey. We help them get unstuck in regularly scheduled Q & A sessions, much like your best friend does when you need them.

If the above doesn’t describe your challenge, but you believe we can help you, let’s chat.

Who would work on my project?

The first answer is you! Our work is collaborative, and we can’t be successful without your expertise and a network of relationships. Read more about working with us.

Within CX by Design, after gaining a deep understanding of your needs, we put together a highly skilled team from our expert group of partners. We know people, and we get them to help. Click here to learn more about our extended team.

How long are your projects, and how much does one cost?

It depends! The best way for us to scope a project is to work backward using your goals and resources as guides. We then use data from past projects to estimate time and cost.

As a general guideline, we work on longer-term engagements. HCD takes time to develop within an organization.

After we finish a project with CX by Design, what do we get?

After a project, you will be empowered to use Human-Centered Design for organizational problem-solving. If you’re a curious and courageous business willing to connect with your customers and employees, you’ve got this.

Engaging CX by Design will leave you with:

  • What your customers and employees need to fall in love with you
  • A clear path on what and how to innovate, and
  • Employees who are well-versed in HCD thinking and application.

You end up with both happier customers and happier employees because you’ve taken an innovative approach to identify their needs, iterate on solutions, and reposition your business as a human-centered organization. More satisfied customers and happier employees mean better business.

I’m interested in CX by Design’s work, but don’t know if my organization is ready for an actual project. Can we talk about potential projects?

Of course! It’s not unheard of for us to hang out with clients for a full year before they are ready to embark on a Human-Centered Design journey. We also conduct framing workshops to help teams align on the right challenge to tackle. Let’s be friends.

How are you different?

We come in with an outsider’s perspective and years of expertise in applying the HCD method in the real world.

Besides our deep, practical experience in HCD methodology, we adhere to seven principles that make us very different. We are also down-to-earth, and we have fun at work!

This all sounds good, but I’m unsure if it applies to my business, industry, and life.

Human-Centered Design is an industry, business, and problem-agnostic process. It doesn’t care where you come from because it centers on people.

Every industry, business, or problem involves people. Even if you’re small, there are still people.

We’re always happy to assess how HCD can apply to your challenge, let’s chat.

Where can I go to learn more?

We often talk about what we do and the HCD process on our Ideas blog. You can follow along by subscribing to our newsletter in the footer of this website, or by becoming friends with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

There are many books written on HCD, or you can take an online class to learn the basics. And, the best way to learn more is directly from us. Let’s chat.

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At CX by Design, we’re uncompromising Human-Centered Design experts with a wicked coffee habit. We offer multiple options to get your business thinking about and solving problems differently.

If you’re wondering whether HCD is right for you, but you’re not sure. Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Want to learn more about HCD? We recommend reading what the heck is HCD as a terrific first step.

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