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What Matters Most

What Matters Most 2560 1709 Lis Hubert

This series looks at the advent of AI and its effect on CX. In Part 1, we discussed AI’s seemingly limitless capabilities for our businesses. In Part 2, we shared…

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Limitless Capabilities

Limitless Capabilities 2560 1920 Lis Hubert

Customer Experience (CX). Artificial Intelligence (AI). At first glance, they can seem like opposing concepts. CX focuses on creating human-centered experiences that meet customer intentions and delight our customers. AI…

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The Importance of Making Meaningful Business

The Importance of Making Meaningful Business 2560 1707 Lis Hubert

Can a business bring greater meaning to your life? Think about it. Has there ever been a product, service, or company that has enriched your life and the lives of…

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