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One Failure at a Time

One Failure at a Time 3000 2000 Lis Hubert

Have you ever really, truly failed at something? What I mean to ask is, have you ever tried something hoping to get a result that you never even came close…

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What If You Pushed Doubt Aside?

What If You Pushed Doubt Aside? 5322 3553 Lis Hubert

The ethos “There is no such thing as failure” is not new, but when was the last time you, or your team, actually practiced it? Sure, embracing it too tightly…

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Don’t Forget to Fail

Don’t Forget to Fail 4823 3648 Lis Hubert

Many a business person has been inspired by the story of Spanx founder, Sara Blakely [1]. After-all, she IS a self-made billionaire whose passion and perseverance have chiseled out one of…

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