Service Design & Kano Models: Firecat First Fridays

Service Design & Kano Models: Firecat First Fridays

Service Design & Kano Models: Firecat First Fridays 2560 1707 Lis Hubert

Upcoming FREE event: Firecat First Friday, September 2021

Last year a client approached us with a wicked problem:

How could they align their cross-platform customer service experience to promote customer loyalty? Better yet, how could they do this across four distinct brands?

These are the types of questions we love answering. Doing so would require an in-depth investigation of the present-day customer service experience. Then, exploration into tiered modeling of the future experience.

The effort had Service Design + Kano Models written all over it.

After weeks of researching, blueprinting, and modeling, the result was an actionable, realistic roadmap to create a customer service experience aligned with promoting customer loyalty. ‘Realistic’ and ‘actionable’ being the keywords for most businessfolks.

Our friends at Firecat Studio heard tell of our Service Design + Kano Models approach and asked us to share it with their community. Of course, we took them up on the offer.

We are excited to share more about how Service Design methods and Kano Modeling can level up service experiences and optimize the roadmaps to get us there at September’s Firecat First Friday.

Firecat First Fridays are free, hour-long sessions, and you can expect this one to be half insight sharing, half discussion with attendees.

We hope you can join us on September 3rd at 1 pm ET!

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