Designing Complex Navigation – FREE Webinar

Designing Complex Navigation – FREE Webinar

Designing Complex Navigation – FREE Webinar 150 150 Lis Hubert

We’ve talked at length about how Designing for Customer Intentions (especially when Designing Complex Navigation) helps digital spaces have more meaningful, organic conversations with customers. Designing for customer intentions starts with rethinking how a website/product navigation can build a bridge between what customers want and what your business offers.

Thinking about navigation in this way will help make digital experiences more human. This will help you make more meaningful customer connections. These meaningful connections lead to loyal customers who align with your business mission and return again and again without the need for additional marketing spend.

We talk about these ideas in more detail in the 45-minute webinar above. The session took place at a “Firecat First Friday” event. The event was hosted by our partners at Firecat Studio.

We also include below the 45-minute Q&A session. In this session we dive into Designing Complex Navigation in even more detail with webinar attendees.

If you have questions or comments, send them our way. We’d love to keep the conversation on customer intentions going!

Q&A – Designing Complex Navigation Webinar:

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