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What Matters Most

What Matters Most 2560 1709 Lis Hubert

This series looks at the advent of AI and its effect on CX. In Part 1, we discussed AI’s seemingly limitless capabilities for our businesses. In Part 2, we shared…

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Creating Long-Term CX Gains

Creating Long-Term CX Gains 2560 1708 Lis Hubert

In Part 1 of this series, Limitless Capabilities, we showcased what business and customer experience leaders are facing in choosing from our world’s many Artificial Intelligence solutions. The main points…

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Limitless Capabilities

Limitless Capabilities 2560 1920 Lis Hubert

Customer Experience (CX). Artificial Intelligence (AI). At first glance, they can seem like opposing concepts. CX focuses on creating human-centered experiences that meet customer intentions and delight our customers. AI…

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Why Customer Intentions Matter for Business

Why Customer Intentions Matter for Business 2560 1709 Diana Sonis

Designing software around customer intentions isn’t a controversial concept. Most business people agree that knowing what customers intend to do on a website or in an application, and providing customers…

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Are You Using Technology as a Band-aid?

Are You Using Technology as a Band-aid? 1707 2560 Lis Hubert

One of the challenges of solving business problems (or any problems) involves looking for a quick fix. This is what many businesses do as opposed to examining the problem, internalizing…

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Technology Has to Serve Humans

Technology Has to Serve Humans 2048 2560 Lis Hubert

What is the purpose of technology? Some would say it’s to help humans solve problems with less effort. One example is the personal computer (PC). This piece of technology was…

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Who Does Your Technology Serve?

Who Does Your Technology Serve? 2560 1707 Lis Hubert

The dark side of technology is not a new topic. There are a myriad of books, articles, shows, and movies with a range of dystopian ideas. These ideas are usually…

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